Phone Throttle is an entry for the #GBJam 5

Phone Throttle is a "second device" game, meaning you need a desktop PC to display the game and an Android phone with gyroscope as a controller.

How To:

  1. Scan the QR code displayed in the game window with your phone
  2. Open the URL with Chrome, Firefox or Opera on your phone
  3. After a few seconds the game should start, use your phone as a gas throttle
  4. Pro Tip: keep your thumb on the display, to prevent the phone to enter sleep mode


You need to use a WebRTC ready browser on both your desktop and your device, supported ones are Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

I'm currently working on a fallback version of the game, in case WebRTC is not supported the game will work on the device alone in an alternative single-screen mode, alas this is not the way it's meant to be played.


Android only, you say?

Yes, sorry, so far iOS did not come up with a usable implementation of WebRTC.
But, if enough of you guys, make enough buzz on this game, I promise I will create a native iOS app to use this game.

My phone locks itself while I am playing!

Yeah, I know...
Read point 4 of the How To above, if that's not enough, as stated for iOS people, if enough of you guys will complain about that, I promise I will create a native Android app to control this game

I met all the requirements, still it does not work!

Damn. Most likely it depends by your network setup.
Best case scenario is if both the PC and the smartphone are connected on the same network, yet it is possible the NAT on the router will prevent a connection between the two devices.
In this case, get in contact with your network administrator and tell him to sort it out NOW!

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Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tags2nd-screen, 8-bit, Controller, gameboy, mobile
Average sessionA few minutes

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